The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach


The SeaBoard operates daily along the beach in Ocean City, the second largest city in Maryland.  This cutting edge video vessel runs the full length of our beach and boardwalk between the hours of 10AM and 6PM.  Clients’ advertisements are delivered in a novel and engaging way to the town’s 4 MILLION plus beach going visitors throughout the summer season.

The SeaBoard is a custom built 72’ catamaran, equipped with two video LED Displays, comparable to those found in NFL stadiums.  The 47’ x 14’ screens produce 4.3 trillion colors and run 30 frame per second video or static ads.  The vessel’s sophisticated software and wireless connectivity allow our clients to update their advertising on the fly, quickly and as often as they wish.  Scheduling capabilities include the option of running a mix of different messages randomly or programmed for specific days of the week or time of day.  As a result, advertisers may target multiple market segments, provide more timely information and utilize extreme campaign flexibility.

This revolutionary marine advertising vessel takes digital billboards to the next level.  The SeaBoard’s video capability provides a much more engaging creative canvas as well as an opportunity to convey far more than a simple static ad.  Our standard spot length is 15 seconds.  That’s 150% longer than the industry standard for roadside digital billboards!  The average viewing time for a billboard on the highway is only 5 seconds as the audience passes.  Our displays are visible for several minutes as our audience relaxes, undistracted, on the beach.  SeaBoard’s advertisers are able to convey more and our audience has ample time to view each and every ad in the rotation!

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