The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach

Why Choose Us

Novel-  People tend to focus their attention on those stimuli that are new, different or unusual.  Our vessel is one of the largest in Ocean City, custom built and one of a kind.  Imagine a giant 14’ x 47’ flat screen TV on a 72’ boat as it enters the frame of an otherwise empty horizon!  People can’t help but pay attention!


Convey More-  If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?  The SeaBoard can run 30 frame per second video messages in a full spectrum of vibrant colors, 4.3 trillion to be exact!  The average viewing time for a highway billboard is only 5 seconds while our standard spot length is 15 seconds.  So even without video an advertiser could use three different 5 second frames to convey three times more than a highway billboard.  The addition of flash or animation results in even more powerful messages that command and hold the audience’s attention.


Frequent-  The SeaBoard delivers your message throughout the day to a captive audience.  There is no channel to change or page to turn.  The frequency of exposure ensures our advertisers quickly earn a spot at the top of consumers’ minds.


Flexible-  With digital, our advertisers can update their messages quickly and frequently to provide the most timely information.  The SeaBoard’s sophisticated scheduling software allows our clients to utilize numerous messages to promote different products and services or target specific market segments.  Different messages can be scheduled to run randomly or for specific times of the day or days of the week.


Adaptive-  Quickly react to what works.  No waiting for the next issue to hit the streets.  Create copy quickly without waiting for printing or physical production.  The SeaBoard’s wireless connectivity allows our clients to submit new messages and have them up and running in minutes.


Time Sensitive Information-  Messages can be updated to reflect the most current information.  For example, how many days until a series premiere or big sale, tomorrow’s weather forecast, current interest rates, or tonight’s headline news story.  Our displays have internet access and can be programmed to display dynamic data drawn directly from our advertisers’ websites.


Anticipation-  The digital medium builds anticipation and the audience keeps watching to see what will come up next.  The SeaBoard provides useful, timely information concerning local business promotions, weather, and things to do.


Receptive Audience-  People are most receptive to advertising when they are in a relaxed state of mind or engaged in recreation.  The beach is a great place for both!

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