The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach

The Boat

The SeaBoard is a custom built 72' catamaran, equipped with the latest in high-tech digital LED displays, similar to those found in NFL stadiums.  Our two 14' x 47' screens produce 4.3 trillion colors and run up to 30 frame per second video or static advertisements.  The vessel's sophisticated software and wireless connectivity allow our clients to update their advertising on the fly, quickly and frequently.  The scheduling software also makes it possible to run a mix of messages randomly or based on the time of day or day of the week.  Imagine being able to target your message to promote your most relevant offering on a daily or hourly basis and the additional revenue such flexibility will drive.
The SeaBoard runs the full length of the Ocean City beach daily between the hours of 10am and 6pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Your message is delivered to all of Ocean City's nearly 4 million beach going visitors throughout the season.
This exciting new medium will put you at the top of your customers' minds by giving your business unmatched exposure and frequency in the Ocean City market.  This is a vacation destination and our amazing beach is one of the town's most obvious draws.  The SeaBoard delivers your message to a captive audience where your customers are most likely to spend their time.
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