The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach

Personal Messages

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Proposals, Congratulations, Thanks... 
Create a memory with the SeaBoard!
Personal messages are a fun and affordable way to show someone you care.  For $60 we'll run your customized message as we pass your location on the beach.  You tell us what it should say, pick the colors, or even provide a photo to be included in your message!
Here's how it works. You tell us where you'll be, we provide several available times that we can perform your message.  Pick the time most convenient for you and at that time we run your message by itself as we pass by.  The rest of the day it will play in our general schedule, sharing a spot with any other personal messages running on that day.
It's best to contact us in advance, but we can provide same day service when needed.
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