The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach The SeaBoard Digital Boat Advertising on the Beach


Beach Passes-  The SeaBoard makes 6 passes of the entire Ocean City beach and boardwalk daily (from the inlet to 146th Street).  Each pass is completed in 1 hour and 20 minutes.  Advertising is priced on a per pass basis.


Spots-  Advertising may be purchased in 10 or 15 second spots (longer spots available by request).  Ten second spots work well for traditional static advertising messages or ads comprised of multiple frames.  Fifteen second spots are preferable for video messages.


Loops-  Spots run in a loop that repeats itself every 2.5 minutes.  The length of the loop was calculated to match the amount of time our displays are viewable to an individual sitting stationary on the beach.  As a result, each spot in the loop has an opportunity to be seen by everyone on the beach.  A spot displayed every 2.5 minutes is shown approximately 32 times per pass.  Half spots are displayed every 5 minutes and are included in every other run of the loop, reaching half the beach.  Half spots display approximately 16 times per pass.


Circulation-  The Ocean City Department of Tourism’s DemoFlush Statistics indicate an average 2011 summer population of 291,903.  Assuming 50% of the population visits the beach on any given “beach day” the SeaBoard reaches 145,952 people daily.  If each person spends three hours at the beach, the average beachgoer has an opportunity to view the SeaBoard 2.25 times for a daily effective circulation (DEC) of 328,391.  That’s 54,732 impressions per pass for spots displayed every 2.5 minutes and 27,366 impressions per pass for spots displayed every 5 minutes!  These estimates do not include the many thousands of impressions achieved to persons viewing the vessel from oceanfront hotels and condos.


Message Mix-  Advertisers may run an infinite number of different messages to promote specific specials, events and entertainment; or to target different market segments with tailored messages.  Specific messages can be programmed to display randomly or based on the time of day or day of the week.


Weather Cancellations-  If we don’t run, you don’t pay.  Billing for long term contracts is capped at 80% of scheduled passes to account for an anticipated 20% weather cancellation rate.  In the event this rate exceeds 20% during the contract term, advertisers only pay for those passes successfully performed.  When the cancellation rate is less than 20% there’s no charge for additional passes performed!

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